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We have our facility spread in a 1000 square feet, where we offer the top quality with the best acoustics in Delhi. We have three rooms with different set of acoustics catering to different instruments and vibe of the project. 


Equipped with a modern 2023 set up our recording studio offers an exceptional audio experience. With 32 channels available for simultaneous recording at sampling rates up to 96kHz, we utilize Eve Audio, JBL,  Harman, as well as RME Fireface Interfaces and Audient Microphone preamps, which are the backbone of our setup

An overpowered Apple M1 Max Mac Studio CPU powers our studio with a base speed of 4.5GHz, 10 cores, and 32GB RAM. We use industry-standard software such as Cubase 12 Pro and Logic Pro X.

Our Control Room has 'Seven hand-made diffusers' which help in delivering a balanced sound in the entire room, both to the engineer and the client create an immersive experience of music listening. 

The acoustics of our control room were specifically designed for our mid field speakers from Eve Audio. Our control room is one of the truest rooms you can find in the entire country.


110 square feet of live area is sufficient for a range of recording setups, including drum sets or guitar amps.

With its carefully designed layout and acoustic treatment, the room offers a warm and full-bodied sound that enhances the nuances and subtleties of your performance. Whether you're recording vocals, drums, or any other instrument, our live room is guaranteed to provide the perfect acoustic environment for a truly exceptional recording experience.

Our Live Room A is arguably one of the most creative and state of the art rooms you can find in the entire country.

Our cloud diffuser in this room enhances the sustain and makes the room sound more pleasant and lively. 

The 'tree' frequency diffuser tackles all the harsh frequencies of your instrument and voice, which makes the room sound warm and recordings even more balanced.

The wooden slats pronounce the low end character of your instrument and makes the recordings we do sound much more fuller.


Boasting 180 square feet of space, this room provides ample room for bands to record and jam with ease.

From the crisp highs to the thumping lows, every note will ring out with incredible clarity and definition. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our jam pad is the perfect place to explore your musical creativity.

We have three custom made skyline diffusers specifically made for drummers, guitarists and vocalists.

Our biggest diffuser is behind the drum kit which offers an extension of low end from the bass drum for the drummer as a lot of times drummers are unable to hear themselves, and end up putting a mic on the bass drum. 

Our other two diffusers work for on the mid to high frequencies, offering a pleasing sound in the entire room so that any band can jam their favourite tunes.


The wooden slats which run on each side of the room tackle any sort of phase cancellation and manage to produce an even volume and balance in the entire room.

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